Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we send you an unsolicited proposal or application?

No. The J.R. Albert Foundation does not accept any unsolicited applications or proposals.

Q: What types of organizations does the J.R. Albert Foundation fund?

A description of our program interests and geographical area can be found in the WHAT WE FUND section of the website.

You can also learn about our grantees under the WHO WE FUND section.

Q: Does the J.R. Albert Foundation fund capital projects?

The Foundation does not typically fund projects related to capital campaigns. Please note that grants from the Foundation fund the general operations of an organization.

Q: What are discretionary grants and how can we apply for one?

The Foundation’s board members assign small amounts in discretionary funds annually. These grants are often outside of our stated mission. The Foundation does not accept any requests, applications, or inquiries for discretionary grants.

Q: After reading through the information on your website, I believe my organization fits the criteria for a grant. How should I contact you?

You may reach us through the CONTACT page of this website. As mentioned, unsolicited applications will not be accepted.

Q: I have other questions that were not answered. How may I contact you?

You may reach us through the CONTACT page of this website as well.